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Fire System Jacking Pumpsets

Allied Pumps offers a wide range of hose reel and jacking pumps for pressure boosting and/or to maintain a pressurised pipeline for a sprinkler system.


  • Sprinkler system jacking pumps
  • Hose reel pressure systems


  • Vertical Multistage pump ensures superior hydraulic
  • performance and durability
  • Plug and play
  • Compact design for easy installation

Complete Package:

Incorporating the CORDE vertical multistage centrifugal pump unit in cast iron/stainless steel construction, mounted and plumbed on a common pressed steel skid base with valves and stainless steel or copper pipe stubs to provide a single suction and a single discharge point for on-site connection by others.

The systems are activated by a pressure switch and incorporate a hydro-pneumatic pressure draw-off tank on the skid.

The fixed speed pump and the pressure switch are pre-wired to a Pyrokos® Single Pump Fire Jacking Pump Controller mounted on the unit which houses the starting and alarm equipment to automatically control the system.


The system is built to all relevant Australian Standards and tested to AS 2417 prior to dispatch.

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