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Mining Series Coalescing Plate Oily Water Separators

The Allied Pumps’ Coalescing Plate Separator Mine Spec package combines a moulded polyethylene, fibreglass or stainless steel chamber and high efficiency coalescing plate pack with a range of positive displacement KWIKFLO diaphragm pumps and heavy duty automotive controls.

The Allied Pumps’ Coalescing Plate Separator is an enhanced gravity separator capable of removing oils and fine solids. Typical installations would include a large silt trap or ‘bogout’ prior to the separator to handle heavy silt loadings.

The unique patented plate construction and plate material serves to multiply its efficiency in comparison with other gravity based devices. Oily water influent is either pumped or flows into the inlet chamber under gravity. The heavy solids then settle out and the 100% oil slugs rise immediately to the surface. The remaining oily water mixture flows through the plates and both the smaller oil droplets and fine solids are progressively separated. Downstream a baffle or oil dam prevents the collected oil from entering the outlet weir. Maintenance of the Coalescing Plate Separator is simple and can be carried out ‘in-house’.


  • Heavy duty construction
  • Galvanised frame and base
  • Access steps complete with anti-slip treads, kickboard and safety yellow handrail
  • Stainless steel oil collector drum complete with level alert alarm
  • Heavy duty Pilbara Series control box with 30.5mm indicators and selector switches
  • Visible and audible alarm
  • Certified lifting eyes
  • Stainless steel fittings
  • Easy to maintain


  • Light vehicle and heavy vehicle workshops
  • Wash bay and wash down facilities
  • Refuelling stations
  • Areas where there is potential for hydrocarbons to be released into the environment
  • Can be combined with the Allied Pumps Polishing Filter to increase output quality in sensitive areas or for water reuse

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