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Wilden Pro-Flo Shift: Clamped Metal

Featuring the original air-operated double-diaphragm pump design by Jim Wilden, clamped metal pumps offer a simple, rugged design for general industrial applications. Designed with ease of maintenance in mind, clamped pumps are simple to install and are made for quick serviceability, allowing the pump to be taken apart and put back together with only a single tool. Proven by the test of time, hundreds of thousands of Jim Wilden’s clamped pumps have pumped billions of gallons of fluid on an annual basis.

  • NPT or BSPT threaded inlet/discharge liquid connections for quick disconnect/connect
  • Featuring the energy-efficient Pro-Flo® SHIFT ADS
  • Greater flow – more gallons pumped per SCFM
  • Reduced air consumption and kilowatt usage
  • Decades of proven performance
  • Clamped connections for faster maintenance
  • Low cost
  • Simple installation
  • Ease of operation and maintenance

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