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M Pumps Magnetic Drive Pumps

Characterised by the use of superior materials and competitive prices, M Pumps specializes in the production of high-end plastic and metal magnetic drive pumps.

M Pumps provides its customers with a full range of high quality magnetic drive pumps to satisfy the requirements of the refining, chemical processing, pharmaceutical and other industries. M Pumps also offer a full range of pumps complying with API 610 & API 685, ANSI e ISO standards.

With years of experience, M Pumps industry expertise and commitment to finding the best possible solutions has assisted in the development of a patented system (hybrid rear containment shell) that reaches the highest levels in its field.

All products are carefully tested to meet the harshest working conditions of the chemical, textile, food, ecologic, graphic, tanning, ceramics, electronic, galvanic, oil production, petrochemical and paints industries.

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