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Hydrokos Control Unit

The pump management unit is built around the Hydrokos control system.

The Hydrokos Controller starts and stops pumps according to information collected from the pressure transducer and compares this to a reference set point programmed into the Hydrokos menu setting. The controller maintains the system pressure at the set point by varying the speed of the VFD pump and switching other pumps on & off. When the system detects no flow it will shut down until the pressure drops below a restart point.

The Hydrokos logic reduces running costs by ensuring pumps run as efficiently as possible and are shut down when not required. It has a user friendly menu that allows adjustments to be made easily to any pump application thus saving on potentially costly service calls when setting changes are required.

Options can be requested to meet many applications, including specific site requirements such as remote communication, environmental considerations and fault monitoring and reporting. The Hydrokos offers full telemetry outputs for simple integration into central control applications.

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