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Automatic Control Valves – Heavy Duty Pilot Operated Valves

The Allied Pumps’ WaterMark™ approved Automatic Control Valves comprise of heavy duty cast construction with direct acting diaphragm configuration eliminating the need for shafts, seals or bearings with the water passage.

The direct controllable opening and closing speed totally eliminates the hydraulic shock and water hammer associated with direct acting conventional valves.

Automatic control valves are used in commercial and industrial applications to control water flow or pressure. We offer automatic control valves that are used to ensure uninterrupted water service during emergencies, maintain a constant liquid level in tanks, automatically reduce a higher upstream water pressure to a constant downstream pressure, and for other purposes.

Automatic Control Valves Features:

  • Superb hydraulic performance
  • Reliable control over a range of mediums
  • Cost efficient control and regulation
  • Minimal maintenance – maximum dependability
  • Polyester-coated cast iron or bronze construction
  • Significantly reduced water hammer
  • High-flow – minimal pressure loss

Optional Configuration:

  • Electrically actuated
  • Air operated
  • Pressure relief
  • Pressure sustaining
  • Flow control
  • Basic valve


  • Pressure Rating – 16 bar (higher on request – up to 25 bar)
  • Diaphragm material – Natural rubber
  • Body/Bonnet – Cast iron (polyester coated), cast bronze
  • Sizes – Threaded BSP: 20, 25,30, 50; Flanged / roll grooved: 50, 80, 100, 150, 200, 250


  • Fire tank filling
  • Potable water tanks
  • Break tanks
  • Confined areas
  • Potential water hammer situations

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