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Tsurumi HSD Series

Tsurumi HSD series light duty compact agitator pump is a single phase portable slurry pump. The impeller and agitator are made of Hi chrome for longer wear life when pumping abrasive liquids. It also features a 550 Watt motor which provides extra capacity for use in exacting conditions. The HSDZ is the auto version with float control.

  • Cast iron pump casing
  • Discharge port 50mm
  • Side discharge
  • Semi vortex impeller (Hi chrome iron)
  • Single phase, 2 pole motor, 0.55kW
  • Hi chrome agitator that assists smooth suction of settled material
  • Poly vinyl strainer stand – handles solids up to 10mm


  • Draining sand-carrying water
  • Draining, transferring, or mixing slurry

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