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Polishing Filters

For applications requiring a higher degree of waste water treatment than what would be achieved through a conventional gravity based separation system, the Allied Pumps’ Polishing Filter in conjunction with an Allied Pumps’ Coalescing Plate Separator, removes emulsified and solubilised oil and fuel in an effective and efficient manner.

The Allied Pumps’ Polishing filter is unique in its ability to effectively capture free oil, emulsified oil and water soluble oil & fuels from water, and work in conjunction with an Allied Coalescing Plate Separator to achieve optimum water quality.

The filter modules are hydrophobic and have an indefinite shelf life, as they will allow clean water to pass through the filters without any effect, and will only become active as water contaminated with hydrocarbon come into contact with the filter. The hydrocarbon becomes chemically permanently bonded to the filter, thus the filters will in essence, process storm water or clean bilge water without shortening the filter life.


  • Absorbs up to 50x its own weight
  • Hydrophobic – rejects water, does not become weighted with water making it light and easy to retrieve or replace
  • Will not desorb – once oil product is captured it will not release the oil back into the waste water stream
  • Oil response products may be reused till saturated
  • Made from naturally occurring materials, they have a very small carbon footprint, from manufacture through transportation to deployment


  • Locations where discharge to discharge sewer is not an option and alternative on-site disposal is required
  • Wash water reuse systems
  • Environmentally sensitive areas

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