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Kwikstart Logikos M7 Controller

Engineered to withstand the harsh and diverse environments of pump station controllers, the LOGIKOS M7 is purpose designed as a dedicated pump management system.

Combining many years of experience in the submersible pumps station and control industry, the LOGIKOS M7 incorporates a unique combination of features insuring total reliability, pump protection and control management.

The LOGIKOS M7 is ideally suited for dual pump installations in a wide range of applications including sewage, effluent, storm water and potable water transfer.

LOGIKOS M7 can be mounted on an internal door and built into a standard powder coated steel waterproof enclosure, custom made aluminium or stainless enclosures or full municipal pump control centres.

Configurable for a wide range of level input signals including float probe, ultrasonic and pressure transducer, the LOGIKOS M7’S versatility covers a broad spectrum at commercial, industrial, municipal and domestic applications.

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