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Genvar™ Extreme

Genvar™ Extreme Containerised Generator Sets

GENVAR™ EXTREME is Allied Pumps range of containerised generator sets (available in fixed and variable speed). These units have been engineered for the harshest installation conditions. They are designed to withstand external temperatures up to 60°C and are suitable for high humidity and extremely dusty environments.


  • Available in standard 20ft/40ft containers
  • Heat/thermal insulated
  • Lined interior for maximum soundproofing
  • Louvred air intake baffles that stop sand and foreign objects entering the system
  • Dusty environment air filters that operate independently of the engine’s standard filters
  • GENVAR™ EXTREME Supersized radiator system that allows maximum performance
  • External air intake system
  • Robust engines and alternators that operate 24/7
  • Full range of electrical and fuel connections
  • Large integrated fuel tank with quick connection points for bulk fuel tank and automatic fuel changeover system
  • Sturdy and durable to withstand harsh Australian weather and environment
  • Easy transport and accessibility
  • Maximum soundproofing system that allows for the container to be installed in areas and environments that are sensitive to noise pollution
  • Innovative controllers for the generator and pump system operation


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