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Levikos M7 Tank Controller

Engineered to withstand harsh and diverse environments, the LEVIKOS M7 is purpose designed as a dedicated tank level management system. Combining many years of experience in the hydraulic services, water storage and control industry, the LEVIKOS M7 incorporates a unique combination of features insuring total reliability, tank level indication and monitoring systems integration.

The LEVIKOS M7 is ideally suited for tank level monitoring in a wide range of applications including fire tanks, sewage tanks, effluent tanks, storm water storage tanks and potable water tank level monitoring. LEVIKOS M7 is mounted on an internal door and built into a standard powder coated steel waterproof enclosure, custom made aluminium or stainless enclosures or full municipal control centres. Configurable for a wide range of level input signals including float switches, level probe, ultrasonic and pressure transducer, the LEVIKOS M7’S versatility covers a broad spectrum at commercial, industrial, municipal and domestic applications.

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