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Insitu Tank Liner System

An Australian manufacturer of high quality liquid storage solutions, Allied Pumps offers complete liner packages for cast in situ concrete tanks. Suitable for fire, potable and raw water use, Allied Pumps’ Tank Liner Package is the ideal solution for reliable storage.

Our liners are made from high-grade PVC material, resulting in a soft, world-class product. Rigorous testing and product standards are regularly performed to ensure you are receiving unparalleled products and support.

Low maintenance and cost-effective, Allied Pumps’ liners are proudly manufactured in Australia and can increase tank service life to over 50 years.

Our packages are certified to Australian Fire Tank Standards AS 2304-2011 for fire tanks and AS 3500 for potable water tanks.


The Insitu tank liner system comes with the following accessories:

  • Inlet box
  • Side wall access hatch
  • Tie rod bracing


  • Heavy duty single piece PVC reinforced impervious tank liner
  • Suction connection with anti-vortex assembly
  • Pilot operated tank fill diaphragm WaterMarkTM certified valves
  • Inlet connector with deflector
  • Geofabric material fixed to the walls and floor to protect the liner from cracked or uneven concrete
  • Tank overflow with horizontal high capacity bell mouth inlet
  • Tank drain connector with gate valve
  • Tank level indicator
  • Tank signage
  • Galvanised external and internal ladders complete with safety cage and lockable security access barrier
  • High and low level flow switches where required
  • Puddle flanges manufactured from galvanised or stainless steel to be cast into the tank wall
  • Brackets and fixings for accessories

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