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Tsurumi NKZ Slurry Pump Series

Tsurumi NKZ slurry pump series have spiral pump casings and shaft mounted agitators. These features assist the smooth suction of slurry, mud or sand. The pump has a water jacket, surrounding the motor casing. A portion of pumped water flows around the motor and cools it even when operating at low water levels.

  • Discharge port 80 – 150mm
  • Side discharge
  • Semi open type impeller – Ductile Iron, Hi chrome iron – H type
  • Three phase, 4 pole motor, 2.2 – 11kW
  • Spiral design aids smooth suction of sand & silt
  • Water jacket cools motor even at low water levels


  • Draining sand laden water
  • Draining slurry in cement plants, quarries or mines
  • Pumping sediments in wastewater treatment plants

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