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Enviropac™ Commercial Sewage Treatment Plant

The Enviropac™ commercial sewage treatment plant is ideal for decentralised sewage schemes, significantly reduces BOD, TSS and Total Nitrogen to provide treated wastewater to better than Class ‘B’ standards. As the system is modular, it can be expanded to suit growing developments economically.

Enviropac™ leads the way providing complete advanced wastewater treatment systems utilising fixed film media bio-modules to treat sewage and wastewater for cost-effective treatment and re-use purposes. The system can be adapted to virtually any water dispersal demand from 5000 litres per day up to 500,000 litres per day.


  • Low Power Usage – System design has very low power usage when compared with traditional wastewater treatment systems. Typically the power usage can be less that a quarter of comparable size units, saving on operational costs.
  • Shock Loading Ability – Highly retentive deep structure bio media with shielding properties
  • Variable Load Capacity – Ability to handle extended periods of low flow due to integral recirculation features
  • Resilient to Loss of Power Condition – Moisture retaining media protects active bacteria
  • High Quality Effluent Output – Exceeding authority requirements, the output quality reduces potential maintenance on irrigation system, provides better quality irrigation water, reduces potential risk and is better for the environment
  • Low Maintenance – Simplified maintenance procedures and low number of mechanical components when compared with conventional systems
  • Treatment Capabilities – Large range of wastewater treatment capabilities from 5000L/day up to 500,000 L/day
  • Configuration Flexibility – Interchangeable system with ability to expand by adding modules. Designed to be located above or below ground and is cyclone resistant
  • Compliance – Approved to Local and State Government regulations

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