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Flexi Riser Systems

Crusader Flexibore 250

Crusader Flexibore 250 is a flexible riser system used for typical mine dewatering, domestic and municipal water supply, test pumping, rural and industrial bore water retrieval projects.

Compatible with most submersible pumps, Flexibore is specifically designed to replace antiquated rigid riser systems consisting of steel and heavier materials such as polypipe.

Flexibore 250 facilitates easy installation with its continuous length and lightweight construction. The hose can be quickly attached to the pump on-site using patented couplings. Flexibore 250 hose sustains the weight of the submersible pump and is then lowered into the bore using a simple rolling wheel or crane.

All Flexibore systems are hydrostatically tested and approved to potable water Australian Standard 4020. Crusader Flexibore 250 riser systems come with a 5 year pro-rata warranty and are totally corrosion and internal scaling resistant.

Wellmaster 250

Wellmaster 250 Flexible Rising Main system simplifies all types of ground water extraction and monitoring operations. Its innovative system is the cost-effective answer to unyielding steel pipe and complies with world-wide potable water approval and AS 4020.

Circular woven from rigid synthetic yarns with a tough elastomeric polyurethane lining, Wellmaster 250 rising main is proven to handle tensile strengths up to 20 tonne. Featuring a lightweight, flat coilable construction to facilitate storage, handling and transportation, Wellmaster 250 ensures rapid site installation with 200 m single lengths. The rising system is also available with a range full range of accessories, including reusable and field-fittable, high security 316 stainless steel couplings.

Wellmaster 250 Flexible Rising Main offers exceptional operative lifetime and resistance to abrasions, corrosion and bacteria. Wellmaster 250 riser main system is designed for compatibility with all types of submersible pumps and guarantees reduced labour costs.

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