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Selwood Hydraulic Submersible ‘HS’ Pumps

Our ‘HS Pumps’ are designed for working at greater depths and include a choice of solids, drainer, high head or chopper pumps driven by 10, 20, 35 or 110 HP power-packs.

Options include multiple hydraulic circuits, up to 100m hydraulic hoses, 24hr running and emission compliant engines.

Customers include those in the following industries: construction and civil engineering, water and wastewater, ground stabilisation and piling, municipal, industrial, oil spill recovery and pollution control.
50mm pumps are available in aluminium and cast iron construction. 100/150/200mm pumps are all supplied in cast iron for greater durability. Screw pumps feature ADI hard iron internals for superior abrasion resistance.

This range also includes the Seldredge – an innovative, Selwood-engineered hydraulic pump with agitators. It offers the perfect solution for lagoon clearance plus agricultural and environmental clean ups.


  • Clean water
  • Water with fine or large solids
  • Water with rags and fibres
  • Raw and screened sewage
  • Sludge or slurry

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