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Selwood High Head ‘H’ Pumps

High head pumps designed for mines and quarries, Selwood ‘H Pumps’ offer maximum performance and efficiency for high head, high pressure dewatering.
These efficient models offer total heads up to 158m, mechanical shaft sealing, Selprime automatic self-priming and emission compliant engines. Ideal for high head and high pressure applications, they’re simple to operate and maintain.

The High Head range operates best in quarry and mining, construction and civil engineering, ground stabilisation and piling, oil and gas and industrial settings.

The H80, H100, H150 and H200 are standard Selwood manufactured models with cast iron construction. Choose the H100, H150 and H200 if you need a higher abrasion resistance – these are available with ADI impellers and wear plates for resistance up to 380 BHN.

The H100HM, H150HM and H200HM are hard metal models for the most abrasive jobs.


  • High head dewatering
  • Pipeline testing and cleaning
  • Water boosting
  • High volume jetting
  • Temporary fire pumps

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