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Selwood Solids Handling ‘S’ Pumps

Selwoods’ proven design is perfect for demanding waste and wastewater industries. The vortex-flow design, Selprime automatic self-priming, emission compliant engines and ease of operation means trouble-free pumping.

Industries that find our Solids Handling Pumps invaluable include water & waste water, construction and civil engineering, oil and gas, pollution control and industrial settings.

The S100, S150 and S200 are our signature Seltorque vortex flow pumps. Choose the S150M for a medium head pump with stainless steel internals and a semi-open two blade impeller, or the S300 for a medium head mixed flow two blade impeller.

Value-engineered S150 and S200 options are also available for lesser regulated countries.


  • Raw and screened sewage
  • Pipeline testing and cleaning
  • Sludge or slurry
  • Bentonite
  • Water with fine and large solids
  • Water containing rags and fibres

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